Wednesday, December 11, 2019

How a 59p tool works as the perfect cleaning hack to unclog hair stuck in your vacuum

We've all been there when the vacuum cleaner suddenly cuts out and household chores are left incomplete.

The horrible crunching sound that means the household appliance is coming towards the end of its life is not welcome.

But one cleaning fan may have a solution to all those vacuum woes with a hack that costs just 59p.

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The most likely cause of the vacuum giving up is because it overheats and cuts out thanks to fluff and hair that clogs up the mechanism inside.

Cleaning influencer Mrs D, who boasts 29,000 followers thanks to her handy reviews and tips, shared a trick to beating the fluff ball into submission.

Sharing the short clip on her Instagram 'Mrs D's Cleaning Reviews' she wrote in the caption: "Top tip for removing hair from your vacuum roller.

"There are many different tools on the market that will help you remove the trapped hair in the bristles of your vacuum roller.

"This solution only costs 59p from @homebargains and its something that is designed for tailors and for people who sew. It's a stitch picker.

"The stitch picker glides through the tangled hair so easy, and it's the only thing I will use to remove the hair from my vacuum roller."

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Mrs D's followers flooded her comments with praise for the tip, with many of them stating they already had the tool but would never have thought to use it on their appliance.

"Great tip I already have a stitch cutter but wouldn't have thought of this so thanks," wrote one.

"Love this tip!! Nearly had a few accidents with scissors," added another.

One gushed: "Bloody brilliant! Thank you so much I am definitely buying one of these!"

The hack comes after a new technique was shared on social media of a motorist revealing their handy solution for getting rid of ice on a car windscreen.

They were seen wiping a sandwich bag filled with warm water across their car’s glass surfaces, instantly removing the ice.

There are also a number of solutions which drivers can concoct to shift the ice. A blend of vinegar and water, salt or water or rubbing alcohol and water can also be effective methods to remove frost

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