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Savvy shopper transforms living room into an Instagram dream for £300

Savvy shopper transforms his living room into an Instagram dream for just £300 – by visiting budget stores like Poundland and Home Bargains and upcycling old furniture

  • Jordie Turner, from Cornwall, created blush and grey living room for just £300
  • Savvy Shopper made Instagram dream house with Poundland and B&M bargains
  • Said he loves that it’s white as he can change colour scheme whenever he wishes

A savvy homeowner has revealed how he transformed his abode into an Instagram dream house on a shoestring budget.

Jordie Turner, 22, from Saltash in Cornwall, renovated his living room from drab to fab using products from budget brands like Poundland, B&M and Home Bargains, hunting for bargains on Facebook Marketplace and trying his hand at DIY.

‘Ever since a kid, I remember always changing rooms around,’ he explained to money-saving community

‘I was never satisfied with how things looked and I grew up in a perfectly clean and modern family home but there was something inside me that always had the urge to change things up and move things around.’

‘This trait of mine has followed me all the way up to adulthood, cleaning, decluttering and styling my family and friends’ homes and even my workplace!

The hairdresser continued: ‘This year I got to marry the man of my dreams, David, and I decorated the whole wedding venue with a minimalist, blush pink and rustic theme.’

Jordie Turner, 22, from Saltash in Cornwall, told how he renovated his tired-looking home for just £300. Pictured, before 

The hairdresser told how he achieved the desired look by shopping from budget brands including Poundland, B&M and Home Bargains. Pictured, after

Jordie, who married David this year (pictured together) dreams, David, and I decorated the whole wedding venue with a minimalistic, blush pink and rustic theme.’

‘The venue was an empty room which was filled with all my stuff. It took eight months of planning and a whole week to decorate!

‘When my husband and I finally got our own place I was so happy that I could have my first project in bringing a home to life the way I wanted.’

‘Obviously money was tight after just getting married so I had to come up with ideas that wouldn’t break the bank.’

‘I’ve always been a minimal person, I hate clutter and like to make a room feel bigger than what it is. So in my mind I knew I was always going to paint every room white. I however didn’t know what colours to bring in and how to piece the room together.’

Jordie, who also shares his interior tips on Instagram @JordiesInterior, soon found inspiration in Poundland, and built up his dream home using buys from Argos, B&M and Ikea.

‘One day I was in our local Poundland and found a set of mugs, one duck egg, grey, mustard and blush pink and it was that that gave me my inspiration for our home,’ he explained.

Newlywed Jordie told how money was tight after just getting married so he came up with ideas that wouldn’t break the bank. Pictured, after the transformation

Jordie (pictured) found inspiration in Poundland, and built up his dream home using buys from Argos, B&M and Ikea

Jordie told how he settled on a white home with a splash of colour in each room (pictured, the dining table)

‘I thought “right, we can have a white home with a splash of each of these colours in each room”. 

‘Already I could see the lounge blush pink. I then went on to search for lamp shades in all of these colours and I found them in Argos so it was as if this theme was meant to be.

‘Luckily for me, mustard and blush pink was everywhere at the time of our renovation so I found cushions and curtains in each colour, then went on to find bedding all from B&M.

‘Keeping everything light and minimal with a splash of colour was exactly what I wanted.’

‘It was the end of summer when we started decorating so I wanted to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors with artificial plants from our local B&M, Home Bargains and Ikea.

The savvy shopper also shares his interior tips on his Instagram page @JordiesInterior (pictured)

Jordie, who says he is delighted with the finished result, achieved the look by shopping in budget stores

Jordie says he loves that he’s gone white so that he can change each room by swapping a few items. Pictured, a grey and white themed room

‘I wanted all white furniture, so recycled some old furniture, found some from Ikea, and even added my own touch to things using self adhesive film. 

‘Our sofa was from Facebook Marketplace: a DFS sofa which was in immaculate condition due to hardly getting used. It cost £100 and would’ve been £499 brand new.’

Jordie’s tip for anyone searching Marketplace waiting for the right sofa to come up is to wait – as it’s worth it. 

‘The lounge cost us roughly £300 all in,’ he explained. 

‘The sofa was £100, a brand new carpet was between £100 and £120 and the rest was either recycled, stuff I already had or bargains finds in B&M, Poundland and Home Bargains.

Tom Church, co-founder of money saving community, commented:

‘Jordie’s living room is absolutely amazing and just shows what a lick of paint, a new carpet and some gorgeous pieces of furniture can do to transform a room. 

Jordie found most of his design inspiration in budget shops like B&M and Poundland, which proves you don’t need to buy expensive items for your home to look wonderful. 

I also couldn’t agree more with his tip about Facebook Marketplace: there are some gems on there, but it always pays to be patient and wait for your perfect item to come up before panic buying! 

Alternatives include Shpock, Gumtree and ebay.’

‘I love how the end result looks. We’ve come so far on a budget and it’s personal.’

‘Not everything is shop-bought. Most of it is our own renovations. I’m always trying to work out the cost of things and see if I can create something the same but for a much lower price.’

Jordie reveals he often chops and changes his interior tastes, swapping between trends like shabby chic or an industrial style, so he’s pleased his living room can act as a blank canvas.

‘I also get bored easily and am already planning a few tweaks here and there,’ he explained. ‘That’s why I love that we’ve gone white as we can change each room just by swapping a few items.’

‘I’m never 100% content as I feel like I’ve never fully finished a project because while I have one project I’m trying to finish, there’s another thousand thoughts of other designs and inspiration going through my mind.

‘However, I can say I’m 100% happy with how it looks, it’s beautiful. It’s better than I envisioned. We’ve had thousands of compliments which means the absolute world. Who knew my work would make others fall in love with our home?

‘My top tips to anyone out there on a budget is that it’s more than doable, it doesn’t have to be from expensive shops, it doesn’t have to be an expensive brand of paint, it doesn’t have to be brand new furniture.’

‘All it has to be is getting what you want for less. Check discount stores, use your imagination and see what you can use that you already have. Search the internet for inspiration. 

‘And don’t be scared to try something different. If it means waiting, the wait is worth it.’ 

Jordie (pictured) says he’s 100% happy with how the interior looks and admits its better than he envisioned

The thrifty homeowner advises anyone else hoping to renovate their home to check discount stores and to search the internet for inspiration

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